Capture opportunities with biogas

Canadian municipalities can harness the power of biogas to create new revenue streams. is a complete resource for information on opportunities, examples and resources for anyone exploring options to incorporate biogas into municipal waste management systems.

Discover how biogas can work for your community

Municipalities can close the loop through diverting organics to anerobic digestion and capturing methane from landfills.

How are other communities capturing the energy?

Hamilton, Ontario

With a goal to transition the City of Hamilton’s wastewater treatment plant to a zero-net-energy user, the plant was upgraded to produce biogas, combined heat and power and renewable natural gas (RNG).

St. Hyacinthe, Québec

The City of Saint-Hyacinthe takes organic waste and turns it into RNG for its own use heating and cooling municipal buildings and fueling vehicles and for injection into their local pipeline.

Edmonton, Alberta

A new system to convert landfill gas into RNG will help the City of Edmonton reduce GHG emissions, while enhancing environmental sustainability and economic viability of landfill gas management.

Benefits of Biogas for Municipalities


Biogas can create new revenue streams from waste products, reduce landfill fees and save energy costs in municipal infrastructure.

Greenhouse gas reductions

Uncover new ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support sustainability goals with biogas.

Create a sustainable loop

Create a sustainable system taking municipal waste and turning it into new energy sources.